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Water usage alerts!

I have had quite a few jobs recently where customers have contacted me to say they have had a letter from Anglian Water referencing they have a water leak. I wanted to post some advice if you happen to receive the same... 

Firstly in my opinion I think this usually gets flagged up when there is not only unusual usage i.e. the leak but also if it's unusual usage at certain times like early hours of the morning etc, you may find that it's a very small leak but a constant leak!

Ways to detect a plumbing leak

I would always advise you to call us to help however there are a few things you can check to save time and narrow down where the leak is. 


Toilets in the house tend to be a common culprit for leaks, water leaking into the pan of the toilet is not something that can be picked up on very easily and even the smallest of leaks into the pan constantly will be wasting a significant amount of water each day, double check when the toilet hasn't been used for a while with a torch and see if any water is trickling into the pan also using some toilet paper on the side of the dry pan to test to see if it gets wet. This usually in most instances will need something in the cistern replaced and could be something as simple as a new seal, if you are able to turn the water off to the cistern it's best to do so until it is repaired.

Water tanks and overflows

Another common cause that can cause excess water loss and is not always noticeable, water tanks will generally always have an overflow fitted (or we hope) most of the time when the water level rises to the overflow this is due to the float valve or ball cock as commonly known not shutting off properly and would need to be replaced, although the overflow should always be noticeable that it's dripping this isn't always the case and I have come across some that are terminated into a hopper so won't drip onto the patio or driveway.

Leaking pipe in Colchester

Pipework, taps and valve leaks

Generally, as you would expect these don't tend to go unnoticed but things like hidden stopcocks or pipework under the floor can be the cause, it's always best to check in cupboards or anywhere possibly visible to see if there are wet patches or leaks.

Any questions? Get in touch

Please feel free to call for any advice on the above and we would be happy to help with fixing unwanted leaks in the house. And if you need a plumber in Colchester, please get in touch.

Thanks, Tony